Plan. Do. Keep track.


Friendlier Email

Simpli is a light and intuitive way to manage multiple email accounts, with some perks, such as: add a note or tag to any email, for ease of recollection and quick retrieval.

Plus you can use the same tags for all items throughout the app, so you can link multiple emails, notes, lists, files and events.

No need to remember stuff

For all your genius ideas and plans, big and small, here’s an easy way to write down your to dos, with options such as lists with sub-lists, reminders, tagging and various sorting options, so that you get more done.


All files received by email are easily accessible and always handy. You can then share, email or tag any file whether a photo, document or spreadsheet.

If you have a Dropbox account, you can connect it to Simpli and access your Dropbox files without leaving the Simpli app.

Simple way to plan your day

View your meetings from multiple calendars, reminders for to dos and notes in a light interface, calendar or agenda view. Easily set events, create reminders and tag them to your preference.



Plan. Do. Keep track.